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Located in the heart of Miramar Beach, in between Destin & 30A, on the NW Florida Gulf Coast, Neptone Recording Studio is a full service – state of the art recording facility. Founded in 2005, Neptone is a destination studio with green room and catering area in Miramar Beach.

The studio houses a spacious control room. The main live room features angled walls, wrap around soffits for sound control and bass trapping with enough space to accommodate bands. We do offer a B-Room space, to isolate aspects of live band tracking.

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High quality recording equipment in the hands of knowledgeable recording engineers can save you money on the production process.

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Recording Facility

Recording Facility


Meet The Engineer

Producer & Musician

Master Engineer
Chilivibrations with Junior Marvin and S

Donnie Sundal

In an ever-changing and diverse environment such as the music industry, Donnie’s career has been as unique & eclectic as the immense portfolio of songs he has written, performed and produced. Providing audiences with a voice and sound that is soulful, funky & always on point, Sundal creates an infectious blend of energy and enthusiasm that is easily spread throughout the stage and audience regardless of the venue.

After attending Berklee College of Music, Donnie immediately began touring throughout the U.S. and Canada - eventually settling in Destin, Fla., where he opened Neptone Recording Studio; a full-service music recording & production facility. Upon the establishment of Neptone, Sundal began his current collaboration, Boukou Groove, with New Orleans guitar luminary Derwin “Big D” Perkins. While on tour, sharing stages with the likes of Sam Bush, Col. Bruce Hampton & Nigel Hall, Donnie caught the ear of Moog Music and gained an endorsement in 2010.

Currently, Sundal spends the majority of his time as Co-Owner and Producer at Neptone Recording Studio and touring the U.S. and Japan in support of Boukou Groove’s LP's "A lil’ Boukou in Your Cup.” & "Let The Groove Ride". 

The sophomore Cd “Let The Groove Ride” was released in Oct 2015, during their 2nd Japan tour that included Peter Barakans Live Magic, Live Magic in Matsue & Blue Note Tokyo. Donnie Sundal & Derwin “Big D” Perkins original “Two To Tango” has had 1.8 MILLION+ plays on Spotify.

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